Our Wilderness

We offer canoeing and kayaking unlike anyplace else in the world.

The Big Fork River offers 166 miles of tranquil waters and picturesque forests. Although the Big Fork is often very placid, the current can be quick and powerful when the water level is high. There are only two stretches that are difficult enough to require portage: Little American Falls (Class III-IV) and Big Falls (Class IV-V).

For the fishing enthusiast, the river offers an excellent variety of fishing opportunities. Sturgeon, Muskie, Walleye, Smallmouth Bass, and Northern Pike populate this river.

If you’re looking for wildlife, you won’t be disappointed. White tail deer make frequent appearances along the shoreline, especially near dusk. The great bald eagle will often be seen soaring overhead. Many species of ducks may accompany you for stretches of your journey. Beaver and otter are also a common sight on the river banks. Countless varieties of songbirds, ruffed grouse and pileated woodpeckers inhabit the Big Fork River Valley. Moose, timberwolves, bobcat and black bear have also been spotted by some of our fortunate guests.