Our Wild Story

Rivers North Outfitters is a family run business…

…that was established in 1999. Bill, our expert river guide, was born and raised in Big Falls, on the banks of the Big Fork River. Chris was born and raised in New England on the Atlantic Coast. After spending only a short amount of time in Big Falls and on the Big Fork River, she realized she loved it too much to leave. Bill and Chris were married in 1983.

After sixteen years of living near and enjoying the Big Fork River, they chose to start this business to share the river they enjoy our family so much with others.

Rivers North Outfitters MN is headquartered at Gorden’s Hardware Hank and Wild River Gifts. This store is a family business started by Bill’s grandfather, Olaf, in 1912 and has been passed down through the generations.

Also helping with the many aspects of the business are their daughter, Nicole, and son, Neil, their kayak “experts,” and Gary “Chiefy” Dunnell.