Frequently Asked Questions

Are the kayaks safe?
Yes, our kayaks are perfectly safe. We rent recreational kayaks, which are wider and more stable than other kayaks.

Are the kayaks easily handled?
Yes, they are very easily maneuverable. We have had kids to grandparents try them for the first time and comment on how easy they are to handle.

Is there white water?
For the most part, the Big Fork River is very tame. In the entire 166-mile river, there are only two falls we recommend you portage around for safety. If one or both of these are included in your chosen trip, we will work with you to make arrangements.

Is it safe for children?
Absolutely! In the past, children of all ages have enjoyed the river with their parents. We also supply life jackets with all of our rentals.

Do you have discounts for a large group?
Yes, groups of 12-19 receive a 10% discount, and groups of 20 or more receive a 15% discount.

What about pickup and drop-off?
We have a shuttling service at your disposal. Rates vary depending on distance and number of drivers needed. Shuttling costs are included in package prices.

What kinds of campgrounds are available?
There are 18 DNR maintained primitive campsites with fire ring, outhouse, and picnic table available for no charge along the river. There is also a full service campground at Big Falls at a cost of only $12 per night.

Are supplies available?
Yes, we have a large variety of supplies and equipment for fishing, boating, and camping at our Hardware Hank store located in down town Big Falls.